Friday, October 9, 2009

Some usefull links i found recently

Probably many of us already know about these links. Still I feel it is worth sharing.

Often we share website url with friends, colleagues. Sometime the url is too long that it look ugly in the email. TinyURL is the solution for that. e.g. both two link below will redirect to same location:
Let me Google that for you
Even now, in many groups and forums (not in sqabd ;) ), people ask very trivial question. Sometime we can easily understand that the person even hasn’t spent a few minutes to search for it. This site is good way to answer them :) e.g. if someone ask “what is the difference between boxing and unboxing?”, we can give him the link:
http://lmgtfy. com/?q=differenc e+between+ boxing+and+ unboxing

Typing Bengali was never been so easy. It even corrects us, if we write something wrong!

Developers and Power Users Tool List for Windows
In windows platform, there are many free but life saving software, that we are not aware of. (powerful image editor like photoshop), Notepad++ (much better than the usual notepad), Process Explorer (much better than task manager) are worth trying. There are many more. Scott Hanselman prepared a good list for us.
Hopefully these will be useful to some of you.

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