Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SmoothGallery + LightBox [execilent content plug-in for image show in joomla]

SmoothGallery + LightBox Joomla plugin is a combination of 2 scripts packaged together: SmoothGallery by Jonathan Schemoul and Slimbox by Christophe Beyls.

*Upload your pictures to your folder of choice.

* Add {smoothgallery folder=your folder of choice} to your code.

Slide show of a folder

{smoothgallery folder=images/stories/planes}

A single image

{smoothgallery image=images/stories/thestudio.jpg&title=InvitationToDance.com&caption=Our dance studio from above}

Slide show of a Picasa Web Album by Album Name

{smoothgallery username=sdcoil&album=StacyAndDana}

Slide show of a Picasa Web Album by Album ID

{smoothgallery username=sdcoil&albumid=5306877643460906433}

note: make sure to set the album on Picassa Web as public.

Slide show using the Ultimate Gallery Manager

{smoothgallery album=1&timed=true&delay=5000}

Turn off SmoothGallery for a single page.

{ smoothgallery off}

note: remove the space between { and smooth

To find out about more options, read on.

SmoothGallery Parameters

showArrows true or false : default true
showCarousel true or false : default true
showInfopane true of false - contains Title and Caption : default true
thumbHeight in pixels : default 75
thumbWidth in pixels : default 100
thumbSpacing in pixels : default 10
embedLinks true or false : default true
fadeDuration in milliseconds : default 500
timed true of false - makes automatic slideshow: default false
delay in milliseconds : default 9000
preload true or false - preload next image : default true
slideInfoZoneOpacity ratio : default 0.7
carouselMinimizedOpacity ratio : default 0.4
carouselMinimizedHeight in pixels : default 20
carouselMaximizedOpacity ratio : default 0.7
useThumbGenerator true or false : default false * (actually by default the mambot generates thumbs, but this is referring to using an outside thumb generator. If default works for you, I don't recommend that you waste your time with this.)
thumbGenerator path to thumb generator : default 'resizer.php' (default will not work. refer to above comment for useThumbGenerator. Also if you choose to use this option you need to specify complete path, such as http://www.somesite.com/


Here are few examples of passing parameters to the SmoothGallery Mambot.
Example 1: Let's say you want to create a slideshow where images change at time interval. You would use {smoothgallery timed=true}
Example 2: Now, let's say you wanted to turn off Lightbox. Then you would use {smoothgallery timed=true&lightbox=false}, see how that works?
All you have to do is loop up the parameter in the table above and include in your parameter string.
Example 3: Let's say you want to get images from a folder, then you would use {smoothgallery folder=images/stories/foldername}, if your Joomla installation is in a subfolder then your string would look like this {smoothgallery folder=subfolder/images/stories/foldername}.
Example 4: Let's say you want to create a timed slideshow from a folder without lightbox and arrows, {smoothgallery folder=images/stories/foldername&lightbox=false&showArrows=false&embedLinks=false&timed=true}

If you haven't already done so, please go to my page on extensions.joomla.org to review and vote for this mambot. It's extremely important. Thank you


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